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Computer Vision Syndrome ( C.V.S)

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Computer Vision Syndrome ( C.V.S)

Eye to monitor-the ideal distance

Your computer monitor should be straight infront of more than 25 inches from your eyes.

Document holder

Use a screen mounted document holder,positioned between keyboard Á monitor screen almost at the same distance Á height as that of the monitor.

Monitor Location

The ideal viewing area of the monitor is 6 inches,below the horizontal eye level.

Light effect

Use suspended lights from ceilling Á windows with shades,blinds or curtains,avoid light hitting directly on eyes.

Font color setion

Preferably work with font of darker shades on light background Á viceversa

Sitting posture

Use chairs with armerests which are able to provide,support while typing,position of head slightly titled downwards Á height of the chair adjusted appropriately so that the feet rest flat on the floor

Anti-glare screen

Attach a anti-glare screen in front of the monitor,which will decrease the amount of light reflacted from the screen.

A.C. distance

Avoid sitting at a location with direct blow of air on eyes from a blower or an A.C. or a long peroid in a room with low humidity

20-20-20 Rule

Take short breaks for your eyes every 20 minuites between your work for 20 seconds then look at objects that are atleast 20 feet away.

Eye exercise

Close your eyes and slowly roll your eyeballs clockwise Á anticlockwise. Repeat it for 3 times.